The trauma of a fire in your Asheville, North Carolina home will shake you to your core. It will turn your life upside down and drain you both physically and emotionally. After the initial shock of a fire incident comes the realization, you have a lot of work cut out for you.

You have to negotiate with your insurance company, find temporary housing, replace damaged personal items and decide how to sell your house. The entire ordeal can be overwhelming. 

Below, we’ll share practical steps that can serve as a plan of action. This will make the sale of your Asheville house more manageable and less stressful.

Contact your insurance company 

Call your insurance company immediately. The sooner you file a claim, the faster you will get things rolling. Your insurance agent will tell you what your insurance policy covers. If your home is uninhabitable, most policies will offer loss of use coverage. Your insurance will pay for living expenses such as food, lodging, clothing and other essential items.

Helpful Tip: Don’t forget to save receipts. You will need them to get your money reimbursed from your insurance company.  

Document all communication with your insurance company 

Keep an accurate record of all communication you have with your insurance company. Make sure you write down the name of the person who you speak to and the date of each conversation. This information will help to speed up your insurance claim process and may provide valuable documentation if you appeal to your insurance company’s payout. 

Secure your Asheville, North Carolina home 

Do not enter your fire-damaged house until the fire department says it is safe. Once you are permitted to enter, remove valuable items and save undamaged possessions from further destruction.

Then secure your property. Remember, it is your responsibility to prevent further damage from trespassers or damage from the weather. Delays in securing and protecting your property can lead to increased losses.  

Ask your insurance agent what steps you need to take to protect your property. Your insurance representative or adjuster may recommend several fire restoration companies who will help you by pumping out water and boarding up your property.  

Notify the police 

A fire damaged property may attract looters and squatters. So make sure you contact your local police. Many local law enforcement agencies will try to keep an eye on your property by scheduling additional drive-bys in your neighborhood.

Assess the damage

A fire restoration company can do a thorough inspection of your Wisconsin home to find out the extent of the fire damage and cost to repair your property. You could use this information to compare it with the insurance company’s estimate of damage.

Helpful Tip: If you disagree with your insurance company’s estimate, you could hire a public adjuster. Public adjusters work for policyholders; they will fight for your interests by making sure that you are receiving your full claim benefits.

Take inventory 

Make a list of all the damaged personal property along with the description, model and date of purchase, brand name and the price you paid. If you don’t have all the information and your receipts have been destroyed in the fire, get copies of bank or credit card statements. That can help you in your claim process. 

Make sure you also make a list of important documents you may have lost in the fire and replace them as soon as possible. Important documents can include:


      Investment documents – certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, IRA 

       Bank documents, credit cards and debit card

       Copies of insurance policies – automobile, life, medical

       Recent Account Statements 


       Mortgage Papers

       Automobile Title



       Social Security Card

       Income Tax Records

       Medicare Card

       Armed forces discharge papers

       Birth, death and marriage certificates

       Divorce Papers

       Citizenship Documents

       Animal Registration 

       Prepaid burial contract


Helpful tip: Take pictures of damaged possessions and remember never throw out damaged items until after the insurance adjuster has inspected your house.


Who to notify about my Wisconsin fire damaged house  

Contact the following institutions with your new address and phone number: 

Mortgage Company


Newspaper delivery carrier

Children’s School

Post Office


Credit Card companies  


Should I sell my Wisconsin fire damaged house as-is?


Once the insurance company has determined the extent of the fire damage and has offered an insurance payout that you find acceptable you need to make the important decision. Either fix your home first and sell it or sell your home as-is. Be honest with yourself, and assess whether you have the time and disposition to oversee your home’s fire restoration. 


Keep in mind that if you do not have experience in the construction field you may run into long delays, get stuck with unscrupulous contractors and lose money.


If you decide that you want to avoid the headaches of repairing your fire damaged house you could sell it as-is. It is unlikely you will be able to sell it to a traditional move-in buyer but you could definitely sell it to a “We Buy Houses For Cash Companies”.  


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Prefer a visual presentation on selling a fire damaged house? Look at this infographic below.     

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