Are you planning to sell your house? Have you considered selling to a real estate investor? Below we give your four reasons selling your house to a real estate investor may make perfect sense for you.  

Read on. In the end, we’ll give you contact information in case you want to learn more about the advantages of selling your house to a real estate investor, instead of selling your house in the traditional way.

Sell your Asheville, North Carolina house fast without the headaches of a traditional sale

Real estate investors offer a fast closing. In fact, most investors can close on your house in days instead of months. 

They can close quickly because unlike owner occupant home buyers that need a mortgage to purchase your home, an investor can circumvent the traditional home buying process by eliminating the need for home inspections, appraisals and mortgage approvals. 

What’s more, they provide you with peace of mind by assuming all the risks of purchasing a house that may need repairs or may have other problems such as code violations, open permits, or title issues.

Sell your Asheville home no matter its condition or location 

Forget about the troubles of cleaning, organizing, repairing, and staging your home in order to sell it. Instead, sell it to a real estate investor in an as-is condition. 

Most investors will buy your house regardless of its condition. So don’t worry if: 

  • You have neglected to make repairs or update the house
  • House has been fire damaged 
  • House has suffered from a natural disaster such as flooding or wind damage
  • There is termite damage
  • There are mold, lead paint, asbestos, and other toxic contaminants
  • Your house has structural issues
  • You have code violations
  • Tenants have trashed your house 
  • You have issues with your septic system
  • You have an old and unreliable furnace, HVAC, plumbing, or electrical system 
  • You have open work permits
  • House has been condemned or has a demolishing order

Your home’s location, much like its condition, can make it very difficult to sell your house. 

The reluctance of banks to lend money for homes in troubled areas such as buffer zones between residential and industrial properties or those on a street with abandoned and foreclosed homes makes selling almost impossible. 

Fortunately, real estate investors will buy your house not only regardless of its condition, but quite often regardless of its location. 

Eliminate the hassles and costs of listing your home with a real estate agent

You don’t have to go through the hassle of interviewing real estate agents and the worry that your agent may not follow through on their promises. 

A major benefit to selling your house to a real estate investor is that you avoid all the headaches of listing your home with an agent. Including:

  • No need to clean, declutter and stage your house before putting it on the market
  • No open houses or realtor caravans
  • No buyer appointments or nosey neighbors
  • No need to have a for sale sign on the property 

Best of all, you’ll save a bundle on the real estate commission, which can easily add up to 6% or 7% of the sales price of the house. 

Avoid buyer contingencies and get a guaranteed sale

It is not uncommon for there to be many contingencies in a typical sales contract. Home-buying contingencies give the buyer a way out of completing the purchase of a home, without loss of the earnest deposit, penalties, or legal consequences if certain circumstances arise. 

Some unscrupulous buyers use contingencies as a strategy to change the terms of an offer, to enhance a deal for the buyer’s benefit after the seller has invested money and time into a deal.  

Typical buyer contingencies include:

  • Attorney review contingency–The contract can be made subject to a contingency that allows the buyer’s lawyer to approve it before it binds the buyer.
  • Buyer’s inspection contingency–This contingency gives the buyer the opportunity to get out of the contractor’s demand for repairs if the buyer is not satisfied with the condition of the house.
  • Mortgage/ Finance contingency – This contingency explicitly states that the sale of the home is contingent on the buyer’s ability to get financing. It usually specifies the type of financing, terms, and the amount of time in which the buyer has to apply and be approved for the loan.
  • Insurance contingency–This clause permits the buyer to back out of the sales contract if he cannot receive a satisfactory insurance commitment. 
  • Appraisal contingency – An appraisal contingency allows the buyer to back out of the purchase if the sale’s fair market value is determined to be lower than what he’s paying.
  • Home sale contingency–A home sales contingency makes the purchase of the home contingent upon the buyer selling their current house.

By selling your house to an investor, you can avoid all buyer contingencies and closing delays. Be rest assured that when you sign a sales contract with a real estate investor, your house is sold, guaranteed.  

Who are real estate investors?

Investors come in all forms. They include large trusts and corporations, “we buy houses for cash companies”, individual house flippers, rehabbers and buy and hold landlords.

They all offer a similar service which is to purchase your home as-is and close at your convenience. 

If you would learn more about the advantages of selling your Asheville house to a real estate investor or want to sell your house right away, call New Potential Property Solutions, LLC at 858-888-6763. We guarantee you a smooth and worry-free sale. There are no fees or commissions for our service, and we’ll even pay for your closing costs

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